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St. Mary's Youth Centre has embarked on a new competition. Our focus is on teenagers.

Based on the television series come dine with me, ours will be TEEN DINE WITH ME.

It will be in groups of 4/5 teenagers and one will take it in turn to cook for their group.


Two course meal starter and main for first round.

If 2nd round then it will be Main & Dessert.

Final will be 3 course meal (Starter/Main/Dessert)

Cook will prepare, cook and serve the meal on the night to the guests and at the end of the meal the other members of the group will score them on their food/entertainment.

Prep work may be done beforehand. All cooking must be done in the Centre.

All the kitchen basics will be provided by the centre, but the person cooking will have to bring their own ingredients needed to cook their meal.  Ingredients will have to be purchased in Dunne's Stores and receipt presented to the Centre before cooking.

A list of kitchen basics is available from the centre.

Young cooks will also have to check in the centre to make sure all kitchen equipment needed for their session is there if not they will have to provide their own.

Cooks need to plan their own menus and present them to the group before they sit for their meal (on the Thursday prior to cooking)

There will be an entry fee of 3 payable before cooking begins.

Entry open to all teenagers as of 1st July 2016.

All cooking will be supervised by staff member.


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