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Food for Thought V

Our next Youth Exchange is going to be next July.
All youth from 16 to 18 year old can already apply for the selection.

Read the information below if you are interested.

Arrivals: 10 July 2015
Departures: 19 July 2015
APV: 05-07 June 2015
Group Size: 6 participants (under 18) + 2 leader 18+
Venue: Gandellino, Bergamo

Themes: Food, Environment, Healthy Lifestyle, Sport, Intercultural Learning

General Description
This will be the 5th Edition of Food for Thought.
Four previous youth exchanges were held in Italy.
One held in Torino in 2009, the second in Passignano sul Trasimeno in August 2012,
the third in Montecampione (near Milan) and the last one in Passignano sul Trasimeno in August 2014.

For the 5th Edition we want to propose the location in Gandellino,
near Bergamo and Milan because it is located in a rural area,
rich of traditions about food and at the same time near the main
cities in the North of Italy. The location in Gandellino has a lot space
for open-air activities, with volleyball and football fields.

- Provide the participants with an intercultural learning experience;
- Break the stereotypes about the food and underline the various food cultures;
- Increase knowledge about food from different countries;
- Inspire the participants to develop a passion for cooking;
- Learn from each other using food as an educational tool;
- Make the participants more aware of the possibilities of the sustainable food;
- Promote healthy Lifestyle and sports to struggle physical problems due to a sedimentary life;
- Teach to the participants how to make fresh past;
- Give the participants the opportunity to visit a local food production (cheese etc)
- Creation of the recipe book, with all the dishes prepared during the exchange;

Group preparation and participant involvement

Prior to the project the national groups will be provided different preparation tasks:

- Preparing a menu to teach other participants national typical dishes.
- Creating a presentation of the sustainable food excellences in their countries.
- Creating a small sketch about food stereotypes in another participant country
(means to be decided by each group)
- Creating a presentation about vegan, vegetarian
and gluten free situation in each country.
- Prepare a presentation of your own country through music, dance, games.

The travel expenses are calculating according to the travel distance calculator.
The project covers 100% of food and accommodation and the travel costs according
to the budget expected for kilometers, and for those who need 100% of Visa costs.